Tuesday 5th week of Lent

(Jn 8, 21-30)

Jesus said to the Pharisees:
“I am going away and you will look for me,
but you will die in your sin.
Where I am going you cannot come.”
So the Jews said,
“He is not going to kill himself, is he,
because he said, ‘Where I am going you cannot come’?”
He said to them, “You belong to what is below,
I belong to what is above.
You belong to this world,
but I do not belong to this world.
That is why I told you that you will die in your sins.
For if you do not believe that I AM,
you will die in your sins.”
So they said to him, “Who are you?”
Jesus said to them, “What I told you from the beginning.
I have much to say about you in condemnation.
But the one who sent me is true,
and what I heard from him I tell the world.”
They did not realize that he was speaking to them of the Father.
So Jesus said to them,
“When you lift up the Son of Man,
then you will realize that I AM,
and that I do nothing on my own,
but I say only what the Father taught me.
The one who sent me is with me.
He has not left me alone,
because I always do what is pleasing to him.”
Because he spoke this way, many came to believe in him.


One’s perspectives help a lot in seeing and processing things we perceive. We may see the same thing but could come up with different interpretations of the one thing seen. To achieve a common vision, we need to undergo the same process of formation. We need to seat at the feet of the same Master.

Jesus’s way of seeing is different from the Jews that he is talking to in this Gospel. This led to a different understanding to the point that they misunderstood the point of the Lord. This is not by itself reprehensible. We all start with groping about trying to see what the Lord sees, and understand the way, the Lord understand things. We start with unknowing and progress towards the marvelous light of God’s truth. That is why many who listened to Jesus believed. When comprehension dawned, a new world opened to them. A new form of life awaits those who are open to receive the truth of the Lord.

Fr. Paulson V. Velyyannoor, CMF


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